Mechanisms for Action

To implement its vision for the future, and to fulfill its goals, CEDARE will adopt the following mechanisms:

1. Promoting Success Stories

Despite the fact that ten years have passed since the Rio Summit in 1992, the documents of the WSSD in Johannesburg, 2002, show that the human community in its strive towards the achievement of sustainable development, still faces a large number of daunting challenges, such as poverty, the huge consumption gap between rich and poor countries, as well as the loss of biodiversity, and the possible dangers of climate change, and others, in addition to the challenges resulting from globalization, the elimination of barriers between markets, and the redistribution of roles between the government and the private sector.
In the midst of all these interrelated challenges, we must not ignore the many rays of hope that shine from the many successful initiatives of governments and private sector enterprises in many countries.
Thus, there is a need to shine light on these successes that reaffirm our hope and renew our will and our faith in man’s ability, if his great potential, and it truly is great, is properly utilized to overcome these challenges and fulfill our dreams.
That is why CEDARE believes that focusing on the shining examples in the development experience can open up new horizons for further constructive cooperation, and provide an unending source of human knowledge and a fountain of experiences arising from the cultural reality and heritage of humanity. Moreover, the documentation and wide dissemination of successful experiences in environmental management will eventually lead to the maximization of their benefits and the enrichment of the Arab and human experiences in sustainable development.
– Behind every success story is a struggle…
– When successful experiences are presented to others, this saves them cost and effort.

2. Enhancing Partnerships with the Civil Sector

Civil Society and private sector institutions, as well as popular, youth and women’s participation, play an active role in both development and environmental conservation efforts. Arising from its belief in the importance of this role, CEDARE, having already established the Association of Enterprises for Environmental Conservation (AEEC), the GWP-MED, the Egyptian Water Partnership (EWP), and recently, the Arab Water Council, will continue to enhance such partnerships.
CEDARE will continue to play its role in the enhancement of participatory decision-making through several channels, among which is the participation of stakeholders in the assessment of the environmental impacts of development projects, and cooperation with relevant institutions in the fields of environmental awareness and media, as well as the expansion of popular participation and larger opportunities for creative interaction and group work, with special emphasis on supporting the participation of women and youth in a stronger, and more urgent manner, because in the absence of true popular participation, success becomes a matter of mere ‘coincidence’.

3. Participation in International Treaties and Conventions on the Environment

Within the framework of the international changes that have occurred since the Rio Conference in 1992, and the intermingling of environmental and social and economic issues, the attention of the world has turned to global environmental issues. These issues have transcended all political and geographic boundaries between countries and created new situations forcing the international community to cooperate in a positive manner and agree on a minimum level of mutual understanding, vital for overcoming environmental dangers threatening the progress of mankind. This was achieved through a large number of multi-lateral agreements covering all aspects of global environmental management and that have become an integral part of the institutional framework governing it.
These agreements have come to represent a commitment by all signatories, including Arab member states. They also provide promising opportunities for international cooperation, the transfer of environmentally friendly technology, and capacity building in developing countries.
In order to actively participate in the activities of these conventions, CEDARE will cooperate with relevant international organizations to provide technical support for developing countries to help them live up to their commitments in accordance with these conventions, as well as benefit from all opportunities for international cooperation in the implementation of MDGs provided by these conventions.

4. Enhancing Human and Institutional Capacities.

This pivotal mechanism on which CEDARE depends in the achievement of its strategic goal to build capable human cadres and qualified environmental leaders with specialized skills capable of dealing with the requirements and challenges of the age. Therefore, and through the global struggle for talents, nations strive to acquire a competitive edge by building up their intellectual capital, since man is the key to progress and development.
CEDARE intends to employ modern practices in several fields, most importantly, the dissemination of knowledge, the development of globally accredited training, rehabilitation and education programmes, as well as enhancing awareness of environmental issues in the collective consciousness of society through the various media, addressing all sectors of society, especially women and youth, and empowering them to make real contributions.
Human wealth is the truest human wealth, and on whose development rests the development of all other forms of wealth. For its development, we must harness all physical and human capacities, in the most important investment operation undertaken by human society to ensure a better environmental future within a framework creative thinking, creative action, sincere commitment, and depending on the unprecedented capabilities made available by the age of technology and information revolution.

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